Tiny details

Tiny details - all details have been carefully designedTiny details - all details have been carefully designed

When you haven’t slept for a week, when you’re constantly carrying someone or something, and all you want to do is enjoy the time you spend with your little one: You deserve hassle-free baby products that are safe and easy to use.

We spend a lot of time (or to be completely honest, a ridiculous amount of time) thinking about, testing, and developing our products to bring you reliable parenthood essentials with all the benefits you need. Our focus, down to the finest detail, is on safety and ease of use, so that you can concentrate on kissing chubby cheeks, stroking tired backs, and holding tiny hands.

Made for mess - tiny detailsMade for mess - tiny details

Made for mess

Children are great! And they’re also great at making a mess. Therefore, all our products are easy to clean: our potty chairs have an inner potty that's easy to lift out, empty and rinse; our kitchen range is dishwasher safe; and our fabrics are machine washable.

BabyBjörn baby carrier buckles can assure a high and consistent qualityBabyBjörn baby carrier buckles can assure a high and consistent quality

Buckle up! 3 racer-quick facts about our buckles.

1. We develop all our buckles in house, so that we can assure a high and consistent quality, and ensure that each buckle offers the unique properties we require.

2. Our carrier buckles are noiseless when you unbuckle them. This is so that you won’t wake your sleeping baby when you transfer them from carrier to cot.

3. Our buckles are constructed to be easy for an adult to open, but almost impossible for a small child.

Care in every little seamCare in every little seam

Care in every little seam

Ever wondered why our products have seams on the outside? This is because we think about the comfort of your baby — no inside seams means no chafing against your child’s delicate skin.