A Product is born

Babies need closeness – for comfort, for development and for a sense of belonging. We make this our starting point when we develop new products. We want to make it easier for babies to stay close to their parents in all situations, and at the same time we want the product to encourage the baby’s development, suit the baby’s behaviour and movement patterns, and be kind to the baby’s body and skin. So we simply let babies decide how our products should look!

baby in bouncer bliss

It’s important that our products encourage play, closeness and development.

We put a baby’s needs before trends

When we develop new products, we always focus on child development and we want them to encourage the baby’s motor skills. One example of us putting baby development before trends and technology is our baby bouncers, which are not rocked automatically by a motor. Instead, it’s the baby’s own movements that set the bouncer rocking, thereby training their balance and motor skills through play. Having no electronic components also means that our bouncer can have a longer lifespan. The fabric seat can also be replaced, as it gets more wear and tear than the rest of the construction.

Nothing is more important than safety

We love making products for babies and their families. At the same time, the very highest safety requirements are set for products for newborns. The tiniest detail that leaves our factories must be safe to use and this is the highest priority in every decision we make. Hence we use the same suppliers as the demanding healthcare and automotive industries.

Foreseeing how the product could be used in the wrong way

Our products are developed in consultation with medical specialists, such as paediatric orthopaedists and neonatal doctors, in order to obtain expert approval for the different safety aspects of a product. In addition, we also work with what’s known as foreseeable use. This is about foreseeing how the product could be used in the wrong way and then eliminating these risks. A product is only ready for the market once it has completed and passed our extensive safety tests and international product standards.

toddler with bib eating

It’s okay to taste and chew them – our materials are completely free from toxic and allergenic substances.

Toxin-free and safe-to-chew materials

Babies are busy explorers, and love to investigate by tasting, biting and chewing our products. Many of our products come into contact with a baby’s skin and so the material that we use must be high quality and free from harmful substances – something that’s not true of all textiles and plastics on the market.

All our textiles are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100

In order to guarantee that our materials are completely free from harmful substances, they are regularly tested by independent test institutes. All our textiles are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products, which is an independent international health declaration for textiles (certificate number Ö07-091). The certification is a guarantee that the material contains no harmful or allergenic substances.

Mother and baby.