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Why buy a baby bouncer? 7 brilliant benefits!

Wondering whether you should buy a baby bouncer or not? Our bouncers are often described as a “life-saver” by parents of very young children. Here you can read more about what a baby bouncer is used for and how they can simplify your everyday life.

1. Happy baby, happy parents
Our bouncer is a cosy place for your baby to play close to you, while you have your hands free for a while.

2. Easy to take with you
Our baby bouncers are lightweight and take up little space when folded down, which makes them easy to move around at home and to bring with you. If you’re off travelling, our practical transport bag may come in handy.

3. Ergonomic design
We want you to feel safe and secure when your child is sitting in one of our baby bouncers. That’s why all our bouncer seats have been developed in close collaboration with medical specialists. Our bouncer chairs have an ergonomic design that provides the optimal support for your baby’s back, neck and head. The fitted fabric seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly, and the bouncer has three different positions, which means you can adjust it as your baby grows.

4. Long period of use
Our baby bouncers can be used from newborn and up to the age of two years. In the early months, until your baby starts trying to sit up, you can use it as a bouncer. You can then use the bouncer as a comfortable child seat by simply reversing the fabric seat.
Our bouncers are high quality and can easily be refreshed with a new fabric seat, so once your child has outgrown the bouncer, you can give it away, resell it or save it for a younger sibling.

5. Soothes & stimulates
Need help to calm your fussy baby? A bouncer chair could be the solution you’re looking for. The gentle rocking usually has a soothing effect on small children, and it also stimulates your baby’s balance and motor skills.

6. Kind & stylish design
Choose between airy mesh, quilted cotton, supersoft 3D Jersey or a snuggly cotton-jersey mix in an array of lovely colours. Naturally, all our fabrics are kind to your baby’s skin and safe to taste. (Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products). Find your favourite fabric seat here.

7. Easy to clean
All our fabric seats are machine washable and easy to remove. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to remove and attach the fabric seat.

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