50 years of Baby Carrying50 years of Baby Carrying


50 Years of Babywearing

We’re delighted to invite you to a special 50th anniversary! Back in 1973, we launched our very first baby carrier that we called Close to Heart. Ever since, we’ve been on a mission to make safe baby carriers that foster closeness, and make parenthood easier and more enjoyable.

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50 years of closeness50 years of closeness

Discover our iconic selection of baby carriers: parenthood essentials that are comfortable, stylish, safe and ergonomic.

Baby Carrier Harmony

50 years of Baby Carrying - Baby Carrier Harmony50 years of Baby Carrying - Baby Carrier Harmony

A luxurious baby carrier in structured, super-soft mesh – offering incredible comfort for you and your baby up to the age of approximately 3 years.  

Baby Carrier Mini

50 years of Baby Carrying - Baby Carrier Mini50 years of Baby Carrying - Baby Carrier Mini

Created specifically for precious newborns, with a soft, flexible and cosy design that’s easy to adjust. 

Baby Carrier Move

Baby Carrier Free - 50 years of closenessBaby Carrier Free - 50 years of closeness

A comfy, flexible and cool mesh baby carrier that’s easy to use and created for an active lifestyle.

Baby Carrier One

A sturdy and versatile baby carrier in a soft cotton blend that offers four different carrying positions for a long period of use.

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Learn more about babywearing

Learn more about babywearingLearn more about babywearing

History has shown that people have always carried babies in some sort of contraption. The world may have evolved, but babies still have a great need for closeness. When we launched our first baby carrier in 1973, however, the concept of babywearing had been lost in Western society. It wasn’t until the 1990s and the launch of our Original Carrier that demand began to grow. Today, the babywearing community is strong, and we share a common goal: to foster bonding and attachment through carrying.